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Story of Kampung Lumondou. By Angela Kating.

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Story of Kampung Lumondou. By Angela Kating.

Post  Uchris on Wed Mar 14 2007, 23:36


Source from:

A long time ago there was a small and very crowded village surrounded by a thick jungle. In the jungle there was an old lion, called Mondou. It was so old that it could not catch anything in the jungle.

One night, when all the people were asleep, the old lion came to the village. In those days some kampong houses had no walls under their roofs, and sometimes the walls did not reach the roofs. The lion jumped on the roof of a house of one of the families in the village. The family did not hear the lion for they were sleeping peacefully. It killed a boy and took the body outside the house, and ran with it into the jungle.

Next morning the parents woke up before the children and were very surprised to see blood on the mat of their children who was missing. It was the eldest child of the six they had. They searched the house but could not find the child. So they went to see their chief but they did not get any word from him because he was having a big feast with some of his relatives.

Then, for three days, nothing happened in the village. In the evening of the fourth day the lion came again. When saw many people walking in the village it ran back to the jungle. But when it was midnight and all people were asleep, it came back. This time it jumped on the roof of the chief's house and went through a window of the room of the chief's eldest son. It killed the boy and took the body out of the house. The moon was shining brightly and its light went through the chief's room but not wake him.

The next morning the chief woke up. He went straight to the room of his eldest son to wake him up for they had decided to go hunting that day. To his surprise he saw only blood on the mat. The chief was very sad because he knew that his son had been killed. Then he called all the people of the village and told them the news. He told all the men to look after their families and that the parents must not go to sleep at night. The chief ordered them to sharpen their spears, but again the lion did not come to the village for three days.

On the fourth day the lion came again. The people kept very quiet and the lion thought that they were all asleep. That night the moon was still shining brightly. The lion again jumped on top of one of the houses, but the people inside heard all the noise for they were not yet asleep. They rushed outside and saw what it was. One of them saw something on the roof and shouted. They all threw their spears at the lion but missed it. The lion jumped down and ran into the jungle.

The next day people put sharp pieces of bamboo on their houses. That night the lion came again the village, and again it was very quiet. The lion jumped on one of the houses and this time all the sharp bamboos went straight through the lion's body. The lion fell to the ground and all the people rushed out to kill it. So they named this village after the lion and called it Kampong Lumondou.

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